Klavon's dedicates 100% of sales to staff on Tuesday

Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 5:43 PM EST
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Employees at a well-known mid-Michigan pizzeria are getting an early Christmas present.

Employee Appreciation Day is Tuesday and Klavon's Pizzeria & Pub is dedicating 100% of their sales to their staff.

Madison Howe is a bartender at Klavon's in Mason. She takes the time to make sure her customers have a great experience every day.

"I love talking and I love getting to know people," she said.

"We take 100% of our profits that the company makes (Tuesday) and we give it back to the staff," said Thomas Weller, the lead Back-of-House Manager. "We'll get the staff breakfast and dinner from other places or we make it for them here in-house."

The bonus is in addition to their hourly pay.

"We come in for our shift and we have normal hours. We are normally over-staff. We do a lot extra just because we want everyone to have the opportunity to be here for a little bit," Howe said.

The money generated is split between Klavon's three restaurants and 400 employees companywide.

Last year, they made around $30,000 in profit.

Weller and Howe said that other restaurants should take note and reward their loyal employees.

"The greatest asset any company has is its employees. You can't fix a car. You can't make pizzas; you can't do anything without the staff there to support you and actually get the job done when you need it to be done."

"A lot of us have been working here 6,7,10 years, even, so I think it's a good way to keep employees for a long time. Just cause they know they're not easily replaced and they're cared for," Howe said.

Customers can show their appreciation for Klavon's staff by eating at any of their three restaurants on Tuesday.

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