Most Americans avoid holiday tipping

Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 3:32 PM EST
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Do you tip the mail carrier who brings holiday packages to your door step?

If not, you're not the only one.

A survey released by found that most American adults are reluctant when it come to holiday tipping for services.

In fact, 60% of people say they never tip their mail carrier, and 70% say they don't tip their trash and recycling collectors. Slightly less than half of 47% say they don't tip their child's teachers or caregivers, according to the survey results.

The survey found people who live in the northeast region of the United States are more likely to tip than other regions. Millennials are more likely to tip, at least some of the time, when compared to the Gen-X generation or Baby Boomers.

When it comes to tipping a mail carrier, there is a rule. You can give them something with a maximum $20 values, but you can't give them cash.

They can accept gift cards or something worth $20, just no cash.

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