Michigan International Speedway to host only one NASCAR weekend

Published: Sep. 30, 2020 at 5:29 PM EDT
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BROOKLYN, Mich. (WILX) - On Wednesday, it was announced that the NASCAR Cup Series will return to Michigan International Speedway (MIS) on August 22. But, that’s only for one of two races.

“While we certainly wish that we were able to host two NASCAR weekends once again, here at MIS we remain committed to providing the same exceptional atmosphere for which our fans have become accustomed from a race weekend in the Irish Hills,” said Michigan International Speedway President Rick Brenner. “Our fans have exhibited a tremendous amount of loyalty over the years, and we appreciate their continued support. Michigan International Speedway has a long, rich tradition of providing outstanding racing on the track and unforgettable memories off it. Those are things that will not change.”

NASCAR Executive Vice President Steve O’Donnell shares his perspective on this year’s schedule.

“I think if you ask our race fans where they want to see the sport, they want to see it at as many tracks as possible,” said O’Donnell.

For NASCAR executives, it’s all about having short-term pain for long-term gain. O’Donnell explains that for NASCAR to expand their portfolio, they must make hard decisions.

That news is tough to swallow for fans who’ve been going to both races in Brooklyn every year.

“The reaction from what I’m seeing is negative, I think some people that go to the MIS races. From what I’ve seen and experienced, a lot of fans show up and it’s a lot of fun atmosphere. I think Michigan is an awesome race, you get a lot of fuel strategy, things of that nature, they raise close together,” said O’Donnell.

Long-time NASCAR fan Mike Palko hopes that NASCAR will consider coming back to Michigan for a second weekend eventually. Executives say it’s not off the table. But, for right now, a return to two weeks at Michigan is not a thought.

The full 2021 NASCAR Cup Series schedule as well as ticket information can be found here.

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