Report: Director misused funds

Wed Jan 29 05:38:59 PST 2020

Report: Director misused funds

Sparrow Doctor's battle with skin cancer

An internal cardiologist at Sparrow shares his courageous battle with skin cancer.

Evening Weather 2-20-20

Evening Weather 2-20-20

In My View 2/20/2020: Detroit Lions

ESPN projects the Detroit Lions to choose quarterback Tua Tagavailoa with the third pick in Aprils NFL draft. That would be controversial for sure. The Lions want protection against aging and perhaps injury prone Matthew Stafford. But will they choose Tagavailoa or fill another need? Always a question mark every year but choosing a quarterback with the third pick would be controversial amongst Lions fans for sure.

Commission urges evidence be released

There is a push for video evidence of alleged police brutality is growing.

East Lansing woman on the Wheel

A woman from East Lansing took a spin on the Wheel of Fortune


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