Customize Your Alerts

Be the First to Know

Customize your app alert settings and get notifications about information that is important to you. We’ve broken up our alerts into custom categories (listed below). You can fine tune your notifications so that you only receive the information that's most important to you.

BREAKING: These are the things you really need to know. They are the huge stories - the breaking news that matter to you. You don’t get too many of these, so when you do, you’ll know they’re important.

TRENDING: Not every good story is a breaking news story. We use this category to highlight less time-sensitive stories that you won’t want to miss.

FORECASTS: The weather information you need to plan your day.

SEVERE WEATHER: We use this category to send out general information about severe weather. For watches and warnings specific to your county, enable Severe Weather County Specific Alerts (next).

SEVERE WEATHER: Enable county specific alerts to receive watches and warnings for a particular area. These notifications aren’t your day-to-day forecasts. They are for those dog-hiding-from-the-storm-under-the-bed moments.

CLOSINGS: Enable custom closings notifications and we’ll send you a note when class is cancelled for the day.

SPORTS: Don’t miss the latest stories about our hometown favorite teams.

LIVE REMINDERS: You’ve heard the expression, “Well, you just had to be there…” There are some moments you don’t want to miss. So, when there’s something you just have to see on TV, or when we’re live streaming local events or severe weather coverage, you’ll know what’s on.

Configure Your Notifications


1) Open your app

2) Tap on the gear/settings icon

3) Tap the toggle button to green for alerts you’d like to receive

iOS App


1) Tap the menu icon on your device. It’s usually displayed as three dots in the app.

2) Tap a check next to each notification you’d like to receive.

WILX Android Notification Menu