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Construction workers find dinosaur fossils in Denver suburb

See the International Space Station this Week

Robotic device winds its own way through beating pig heart

Mars lander picks up what's likely 1st detected marsquake

SpaceX launches mega rocket, lands all 3 boosters

SpaceX delays mega rocket launch due to high wind shear

Scientists reveal first image ever made of black hole

Israeli spacecraft enters lunar orbit ahead of moon landing

More delays for Boeing's new space capsule for astronauts

Pence calls for landing US astronauts on moon in 5 years

SpaceX successfully launches new Dragon crew capsule

SpaceX debuts new crew capsule in crucial test flight

Using 1 germ to fight another when today’s antibiotics fail

Woman finds 290 million-year-old fossil footprint

Israel flying to moon after SpaceX launch

Japanese spacecraft to attempt landing on distant asteroid

And now for the weather on Mars, courtesy of new NASA lander

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