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SpaceX successfully launches new Dragon crew capsule

Mars lander starts digging on red planet, hits snags

SpaceX debuts new crew capsule in crucial test flight

Using 1 germ to fight another when today’s antibiotics fail

Woman finds 290 million-year-old fossil footprint

Israel flying to moon after SpaceX launch

Japanese spacecraft to attempt landing on distant asteroid

And now for the weather on Mars, courtesy of new NASA lander

Dinosaur footprints found from 95 million years ago

NASA rover finally bites the dust on Mars after 15 years

NASA about to pull plug on Mars rover, silent for 8 months

ICYMI: Check out the Super Blood Wolf Moon

Total lunar eclipse comes with supermoon bonus

2-for-1: Total lunar eclipse comes with supermoon bonus

Scientists: Saturn spent billions of years without its rings

SpaceX to build Mars ships in Texas, not Los Angeles

Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Sunday night

Hubble in trouble in outerspace

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