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A driver slams into an Ohio highway patrol cruiser

Two arrested for posing as ride share drivers

Momo Challenge: New cyberbullying threat

Engineers developing ratings for youth football helmets

Change your clock and check your smoke alarms Saturday night

E. coli found in water at Wisconsin school

Fire alarms using a mother's voice is more effective for kids

Teen driver safety a focus this week

Bike law goes into effect

Family uses school bus accident to save others

Pets need to stay out of the heat too

Keeping your 4-legged friends cool is important too

Bike helmets prevent kids from ending up in the ER

It's the first day of Summer - do you know what your kid is doing?

Remember to not leave kids/dogs in hot cars

State police have a new center to train for big disasters

Texas shooting survivors seek purpose in shadow of Parkland

Coast Guard: Don't keep details about boat trips a secret

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