Hurricane Coverage

Michigan State to study communication after Hurricane Maria

Michael Jordan donating $2M to Florence victims

Denny's mobile kitchen will serve free food to victims of hurricane Florence

More flooding for the Carolinas, despite dry weather

WILX, Red Cross raise over $3,500 for hurricane victims

Hurricane rating system fails to account for deadly rain

North Carolina's nightmare far from over

Hurricane Florence - how you can help

Death tolls often rise weeks after storm hits

Local residents ride out Florence

Florence crossing South Carolina, still a threat

A warmer world worsens hurricanes, but what about Florence?

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People from all over are helping in the Carolinas

LIVE NOW: Hurricane Florence coverage from the Carolinas

Pentagon: Slow-moving hurricane to make rescues challenging

AP Explains: How storm surges build up, destroy and kill

Shelter animals in path of Hurricane Florence need help finding homes

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