Winter Warm-Up Kicks Off

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It's time for this year's winter warm-up.

"In the winter it's cold, there's snow, people feel like it's hard to be physically active," said Kathy Hollister with Capital Area Health Alliance. "We want to let them know all the great resources there are in the area to be physically active."

Over the next eight weeks, people in the greater Lansing area have been challenged to walk 250,000 miles together.

"Everyone's thinking about their New Year's resolutions, and it's a great time for everyone to support each other and say this is a priority and be active in various ways in each of our lives," said BJ Puchala with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

There are more than 50 events throughout mid-Michigan for people to go to, like belly dancing or checking your blood pressure.

"I had a heart attack in '07, so healthy living is now not a choice for me," said Fred Garrett. "I have to do something. so we like to participate with a big group."

"To have a community that's backing you and encouraging you, that's huge," said Amanda Miner. "It always makes you feel better when people are saying that great job, way to go, or I see what you're doing and I want to do it."

Together, they walked around the mall.

"We want to live longer. We want to be happy, we want to see our kids grow," said Andre Hutson, a former MSU basketball player. "There's tons of things that being healthy really allows you to do."

And took their first steps for this year's challenge.

"We're challenging all ages to come out and get involved and log their miles and hopefully get the numbers that we're looking for in the lansing area," said Hutson.

Blue Cross will donate money to help local communities promote healthy living.