What's Bugging You Mid-Michigan? Meijer Ends Double Coupons

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Clipping and cutting, filing and storing... Christy Adams' mother taught her the science of couponing.

"A long time ago when I was younger we always went to the grocery store and had coupons. We had two carts. It took us all of Saturday afternoon, but we did it. And she showed me how to save money, and it hasn't stopped," said Christy Adams, a Meijer shopper.

But couponing has changed since Adams' mother taught her how to save. Shows like The Learning Channel's "Extreme Couponing" shed light on a growing trend of bulk shoppers and big time savers. And stores like Meijer have had to change their policies so they don't lose money.

"My personal theory is that is why we're not only seeing the stopping of the doubling of coupons, the value amounts of coupons are not as good as they used to be. And I blame part of that on the show," said Tatanisha Worthey, founder of the couponing blog "A Mitten Full of Coupons."

Customers can no longer use "double coupons" at Meijer, which means people who expected to save a dollar by using only one coupon will now only save fifty cents. Customers in the Lansing area use more coupons than almost anywhere in the country, and some of those couponers are not happy with the change.

"I will still look at Meijer to use face value coupons, but I have been going to other stores that still will offer the double couponing," said Adams.

A representative for Meijer told me that they chose to eliminate double coupons from Lansing, Battle Creek and Fort Wayne but will be offering lower prices and promoting their digital couponing program, "Mperks."

"I see some people who say they're going to be shopping more at Kroger. They're going to be doing Wal-Mart, Target, all these other store where they can maximize their savings. Some people will continue to shop at Meijer. I plan to continue to shop at Meijer and just get a little bit savvier about how we save the money," said Worthey.

And all couponers may have to get savvier. With coupon fraud and extreme couponing on the rise, stores are looking for new ways to crack down on the ultimate savers.