$15 minimum wage forces Wendy's to replace some workers with self-serve kiosks

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Wendy's rolls out its plan to offset potential minimum wage hikes in the fast food industry. It's going to replace some workers with self-serve kiosks.

The fast food giant announced it will be using the technology to reduce its labor costs, especially now that some states, like California and New York are hiking the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
Wendy's says it will begin installing the self-order kiosks by the end of the year in some company owned outlets.
Franchises would decide on their own whether to install the kiosks. The majority of Wendy’s restaurants are franchise-operated.
However Wendy's president says some of its franchises have already been hiking menu prices to offset minimum wage increases.

In addition to self-order kiosks, Wendy's also announced it would soon roll out mobile payment and mobile ordering apps.

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