Waverly High School Bans Nuts On Campus

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Lansing, MI - Mom LaKiesha Allen calls the new nut ban at Waverly High School a matter of life and death.

Her 14 year old daughter Brittany is now a freshman at Waverly, and Allen says Brittany's peanut and tree nut allergy is so severe, she can't be anywhere near nuts without going into anaphylaxis.

Allen tells us she talked to high school administrators.

Now, Waverly is nut-free, just like the elementary and middle schools were when Brittany was a student.

Administrators say the guidelines are about keeping all students safe.

"Ultimately we try to take care of all kids," says Waverly High School's Deputy Principal Tracy Thomas, "make sure all kids are safe just as we do for any kind of emergency."

Waverly sent out a message to parents about the nut ban. It's an effort to make sure everybody from students to substitute teachers are aware of the ban.

"We have signs posted...all over the school...our teachers are aware of what's going on," says Thomas.

However, after the announcement, some parents took to social media, voicing their irritation. But, Allen says the peanut and tree nut ban must be taken seriously.

"I'm asking for humane treatment for my daughter because this is truly not something that she or I asked for," says Allen.

Many kids are in the same position, peanut allergy is on the rise worldwide.

Dr. Manoj Mohan, D.O. at the Okemos Allergy Center tells us in a statement that:

"...because even trace amounts of peanut can elicit life-threatening reactions...strict avoidance is key. There have been case reports of children having reactions through casual contact with other children."

Dr. Mohan says avoidance and having epinephrine on hand are the only real options right now, since there is no FDA approved treatment for food allergies.

Allen says she hopes everyone will keep Waverly High School nut free.

This ban affects the community as well. No nuts are allowed at any home game and items with nuts will not be sold in the concession stand.

Allen's daughter is in the band, and the band plays at all home games.

We asked if there would be punishment if nuts are brought onto campus and Thomas says they will turn that situation into a teachable moment.

Allergies are a big topic in Michigan. House Bill 4438 is expected to see some movement in the state house today. The bill would authorize the use of epi-pens in more locations like amusement parks and arenas.

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