WATCH: Michigan by The Accidentals, a song about coming home

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The Accidentals an "alternative acoustic indie folkish rock" band from Traverse City, Michigan released their song "Michigan and Again." It's the first single off of their EP, "Parking Lot" which will come out June 1st.

"When you travel with a videographer, you never know what will end up on film. This song was written about coming home, our core base, our FAM." The Accidentals explain on their YouTube page.

Band members include, Katie Larson, Savannah Buist, and Michael Dause.

They also thank Mark, from Ludington, "for asking us to write a song about Michigan... and again and again."

The videography was done by Charlie Steen and Jake Burgess, the timelapse by Kelsey Juddo, artwork by Beau Warren. It was arranged by Charlie Steen and Katie Larson.

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