Veterans Don't Want Lawmakers to Repeal Prevailing Wage

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Some veterans who work in the construction industry are trying to convince state lawmakers not to repeal Michigan's prevailing wage law.

Around 9% of construction workers are veterans, compared to 6% of the rest of the workforce.

We talked with a former Marine who's an apprentice in the bricklayers union. Jesse Stevens says it's hard enough trying to raise a family even with a prevailing wage law. "When people are trying to push down our wages even more, I mean it's gonna be impossible to have a truly professional experienced workforce building the major buildings in our cities and state."

The prevailing wage law requires contractors to pay union-scale salaries for all taxpayer-funded projects. Opponents say it's a waste of tax dollars. They're waiting to find out if they've gathered enough signatures to let the legislature repeal the law without the Governor's signature.