Student Works to Restore Dansville Fire Tower

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Dansville, MI - On a drive through Dansville, you'll likely overlook the old village fire tower.

With chipped paint, overgrown trees and rotted wood, it's easy to miss the structure that's as old as the village itself.

"I know it is one of the last remaining buildings that are in Dansville that are from the 1800s," says Dansville High School Freshman Jon Ames. "Most of them have been burned down, or renovated or taken out."

That's why this student is working to save this piece of history.

Ames is raising funds and looking for volunteers to help rehab the almost 150 year old tower. Dansville officially became a village in 1867 - it's one of the first settlements in Ingham County - and the fire tower is as old as the village.

"We've passed by this building every single day and it is always run down," says Ames. "I just decided that this would be a good project and I knew it would be like a hard project and it would be really ambitious."

The plan is to remove chipped paint and give the tower a fresh coat. Ames wants to replace wood that's rotting along the building, as well as cut back the overgrown trees.

It's a project that will make Ames an Eagle Scout, but the high school freshman says it's about much more than that.

"In general it's just helping out and making sure that this town still stays as beautiful as it was a long time ago," says Ames.

Ames is looking for volunteers and any donations. You can visit for more information.

Ames says the village will use any extra money raised to do further renovations on the tower.

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