Strange Michigan Laws Could be Repealed

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Lansing, MI - There are many strange laws on the books that state lawmakers are looking to repeal.

Some of the laws Republicans are looking at getting rid of go back decades - like, putting an orange collar on your dog if you're not hearing impaired.

State lawmakers are taking a look at the thousands of laws on the books to see how many can be wiped out.

Lawmakers say many go back 150 years and are outdated.

This isn't the first time, lawmakers have discussed doing away with strange laws. Back in 1999, a Senate task force was formed to look at Michigan's penal code.

The House Criminal Justice committee began testimony Tuesday on legislation that would do away with laws that were passed decades ago, but aren't relevant today.

Some of the laws that could get wiped off the books include:

- Requiring that only a deaf person can use a orange dog leash or collar. This law was passed in 1981, and is a misdemeanor with a $10 fine.

- Teasing someone who refused to fight a duel carries a fine of $750.

- Cursing or using vulgar language in front of a woman or children is a misdemeanor and could send someone to the slammer for up to 90 days plus a fine of $500.
A Brighton teen learned about that law the hard way after dropping the f-bomb near a playground. Colin Andersen was fined $200.

- If a portion of the national anthem is played, and not the whole four verses, that is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine.

- State lawmakers are also looking to repeal the law that makes it illegal to sell any baby chicks, rabbits or ducklings that have been dyed.

- You might not know it, but participating, sponsoring, or promoting an endurance contest, like a walk-a-thon, is also a misdemeanor in the state of Michigan.

The proposals to repeal all those laws won't come up for a vote in committee until state lawmakers return from their two-week spring break recess on April 14th.

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