Stockbridge Students Prepare for Second WW2 Recovery Mission

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STOCKBRIDGE (WILX)-- By this time next month several students from Stockbridge will be taking class in the Pacific Ocean.

We first met the Advanced Underwater Robotics Class last year when they first went searching for missing war planes. Now they're preparing for another historic trip.

"They're doing things that would be hard to expect of an adult. They are managing a huge project, and building a robot to go underwater," said Technology Teacher Bob Richards.

The students are fully aware that if they find the B-24 bomber they are looking for they will likely find the crew as well.

"The lead we have is very promising. There have been scans and sonar targets, so if we do find this plane it's likely there are human remains," explained Team Leader Jenny Spink.

A forensic anthropologist from the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command spoke with the team via skype let the them know in detail what would go on to identify the remains.

It's a lengthy process that could take years, but helping families find closure would be one of the greatest rewards for these students.

"It hits close to home in a lot of ways. My grandpa was in WW2, my great grandpa was in WW2, and my cousin just recently got back from Afghanistan," said new team member Jeremy Spink.

This time around the students have added a few new features to their underwater robot.

"They've add all new thrusters, they've redone the electronic housing, and they have added all new C-con connectors to prevent leaks in the housing. We've come up with a new navigation system, and come up with a better dive computer." said Richards.

The students are $5 thousand dollars away from their goal of raising $60 thousand dollars for the whole trip.

They leave for Palau on March 21st and will be there for two weeks.

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