Stockbridge Robotics Students Explore Lake Huron Shipwrecks

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Alpena, MI - A dive team has been scouring Shipwreck Alley this week in Lake Huron investigating the deep water. It may sound like work for professionals, but this is a team of high school students.

We're talking about the Stockbridge High School Advanced Underwater Robotics Team. The group of students is famous for using underwater robots to search for downed World War II planes in the Pacific, but this week the students have been a little bit closer to home.

The students are camped out at Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Alpena. Students sent the ROV on two practice dives, taking videos of two small shipwrecks. They also got to dive to deeper wrecks around 100 feet below the surface.

This trip to Alpena is a training mission for the students. The goal is to perfect the ROV before heading to the Pacific Island of Palau again, where students search for those downed planes in the depths of the ocean.

To follow the student's journey, click on the link in this story.

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