Special Report: Coupon Swap

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Twice a month they meet. Different time, same place. They trade. They talk.

"I'm so addicted to it," says Christina White of Lansing.

Addicted to couponing.

"I probably spend about 15 hours a week on average," says Tatanisha Worthey of Delta Township.

They're busy women with families and jobs but they make time for it.

"When I looked at the savings of how much we've saved even just so far this year, it totally has me hooked," Worthey says. "This is something that we have to do. There's no going back."

So they get together at the Delta Township District Library twice a month, swapping deals and tips.

No strings attached, just scissors and stacks and stacks of coupons.

"I definitely think I'll come back," says Amber Warner of Lansing. This is her first time at the Mitten Full of Coupons coupon swap.

"We just don't swap coupons, we talk about the deals that we got this week or what we're gonna get this week," Worthey explains.

The group started as friends but has become so popular, they started a Facebook fan page and now a website, www.amittenfullofcoupons.com.

"We're just trying to get people excited about couponing, about saving money," says White, who is one of the group's founders. "You know, giving back to yourself."

Do you want in? You'll need a few things first: a newspaper, a computer, and the coupons from the grocery store.

Regina Sober of Charlotte is ready to shop at Kroger on Lansing's west side. She has her binder full of coupons.

"I've got the coupons that come in the paper and then I've got some printed coupons too that I found online," Sober says.

She shops about twice a week. She says she spends only an hour or so clipping coupons, but it pays off.

"Last month, I saved almost 60 percent," Sober says.

Today she saved 100 percent.

"After coupons, it was $22.65. I used $22.65 in gift cards that I had gotten from a previous purchase. I saved $23.56 but everything ended up being free, because of the gift cards," explains Sober.

You don't need gift cards to get a great deal.

Just ask Worthey, who shops for a family of five.

"So far this year, we have spent almost $5,000 but we've saved over $8,000," she says.

It gives true meaning to the phrase 'a penny saved, is a penny earned.'

For a link to the group A Mitten Full of Coupons, click on the Hot Button.

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