Special Homecoming for Haslett Students

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Meet Sam and Suzie. The two represent Haslett High School's freshman class homecoming court.

"Sam is 14. He's a freshman. He has Down Syndrome," explained Jodi Wiley, Sam's mom. "The female representative also has Down Syndrome, and it's just a neat opportunity. People like Sam and Suzie offer others a chance to be kind, a chance to connect with their own humanity and show compassion."

Sam has a big personality.

"Sam is a larger than life character," said Wiley. "He likes people; he likes to laugh."

Suzie is a little shy. When they found out they would represent the freshman class, they couldn't believe it.

"Oh my goodness!" exclaimed Sam.

"She was so excited," said Rae Bruce, Suzie's mom. "She totally understood that she was going to be able to dress up, and she loves to dress."

Their classmates say it was a team effort.

"We decided it would be a good idea because they're all like a big part of our school and our freshman class," said Anna Sharky, Sam's date to the homecoming dance.

"I mean you just look at the smiles on their faces," said Grant Lemanski, a student at Haslett. "It's just making their day."

The parents couldn't be happier.

"I remember back in first grade, second grade, I was worried about him being accepted, being made fun of for his disability," said Wiley. "That is absolutely not the case."

"I think that the staff and students accepting the kids with special needs is amazing," said Bruce.

Sam and Suzie have practiced their homecoming wave and can't wait for Friday night's game.

A sophomore with autism was nominated to the homecoming court as well. Haslett High School will take on the Waverly Warriors.