Spartan Team Doctor Shares His Life Saving Story

While coach Tom Izzo paces the floor during MSU basketball games,, there's another notable team member who sits quietly behind the bench, his name,, Jeff Kovan.
Dr. Jeff Kovan is the chief team physician for all Spartan athletes,, several years ago his sports medicine career was sidelined when his father Tom's kidney's started to fail, and the family was faced with two options,, dialysis, which is a huge time commitment 3 to 4 times a week, hours at a time,, or transplantation.
So Jeff and his siblings got tested, and turns out he and his brother were a perfect match.
With the support of his wife and kids, Jeff donated a kidney to his father, and when he saw his dad just hours after surgery he knew he made the right decision.
Now seven years later Jeff's father is leading a full and active life, , but in his unique position as a doctor and a donor, he knows the decision is very personal.
Dr. Kovan says compared to other transplant surgeries, the one involving kidneys is lower risk, while the reward is very high when it comes to making a life changing difference in someone's life.
Dr. Kovan is helping to promote the upcoming Kidney Walk in downtown Lansing on June 12th to raise money to fight kidney disease.
You can find a link to information about it on our home page.

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