Sneezing, Sniffling? Pollen Counts on the Rise

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Are you sneezing, sniffling, and grabbing for tissue? You're not alone. Spring is in the air and so is the pollen.

Allergy sufferers can expect the spring season to pack a big punch this year. Dr. Manoj Mohan at Okemos Allergy Center says it's just the beginning. "So far I've had people trickling in saying, 'My eyes are itchy, I'm starting to feel the sneezing, the congestion."

Mohan says the worst may be yet to come. "The reason why is because we had such a long winter. Things are delayed. Once we hit that warmer weather its possible just everything's going to come out all at once and we really haven't seen it peak just yet, at least I don't think we have."

Mohan expects the peak to come as the late-blooming tree pollen overlaps with grasses and weeds. All of those pollens in the air at once, will be tough for allergy sufferers to avoid. Mohan says, "Reducing your exposure is going to be difficult. But keeping indoors, turning on the air conditioning, could help those throughout some of the pollen. Other things you can do is there are some very good over the counter medications that can help relieve symptoms."

Those symptoms have many people choosing a long-term solution, allergy shots. "You're kind of telling your body to get adapted to the allergen and to ignore it. That helps reduce medication costs, helps reduce medication use, keeps the patients under control and can even help those who have asthma due to allergies."

According to, tree pollens are in the medium to high range. They're expected to peak this week as warmer temperatures move in.