Smart Holiday Shopping

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Holiday shopping for a family of five can be expensive.

"I have three boys, so the electronic deals are really hot for them this year," said shopper Tatanisha Worthey

Worthey also runs a couponing website "A Mitten Full of Coupons" and considers herself a smart shopper.

"There were some hot toy items my kids want and those are already purchased. I was able to get a really good clearance deal."

According to Worthey, one way to shop smart is to shop early. In fact, many retailers have already slashed prices in preparation for the holidays.

MSU Professor of Retailing Pat Huddleston says the pre-holiday deals are especially aggressive this year.

"It's all about competition so if your competitor is starting its holiday season earlier, then you better jump on the bandwagon or you're going to lose sales to your competition," said Prof. Huddleston.

To entice shoppers, retail giants like Target are also doing what they call "shop with confidence."

"We will match the price of the item if it goes on sale at Target or a competitor between now and Christmas eve," said Target Store Team Leader Christine Elsesser.

Worthey has a knack for using coupons. She says if you're planning to shop on Black Friday, start looking for and saving coupons now, and use them in conjunction with the Black Friday deals to save even more money.

To find local deals, you can visit Worthey's website at

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