Sixth Person Reports Car Shot in Ingham County, Deputies Increase Patrols

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Neve Holzhausen of Perry was taking her usual way home on M-52 around 6:30 p.m., Thursday, when she heard a loud bang on the side of her car. At the same time, Holzhausen says a 'dark colored' car was passing her.

"I turned and I was like 'what an idiot'," said Holzhausen. "I thought it was teenagers trying to be funny or something."

It was not until the next day that she found a bullet hole in her hood. Holzhausen says, she thought it was a stray bullet from a deer hunter.

"The man at the local store, he told me there was a random shooting and my heart sank," said Holzhausen.

More than a dozen reports of vehicle shootings have been reported in Ingham, Shiawassee, Livingston and Oakland Counties since Tuesday.

Preliminary reports by the Ingham County Sheriff's Office show Holzhausen is the sixth victim of the random vehicle shootings that took place in the county, north of Webberville on Thursday.

To make sure the shooting does not happen again, Ingham County Sheriff's Deputies are stepping up patrols on M-52 and I-96.

"The purpose of the patrols is to have a uniformed presence on the highways and roadways so motorists see we're out there and can feel safer," said Sgt. Jeff Weiss of Ingham County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office is also forming a task force with other counties as well as Michigan State Police to try and catch those involved in the shootings.

All so people like Neve Holzhausen do not have to worry about their safety on the road.

"I felt like I'm not safe in my car driving down the road," said Holzhausen.

Investigators are still looking for those involved in the shooting.

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