School Bake Sales to Return?

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Lansing, MI - Cupcakes and brownies disappeared from fundraisers this school year.

It's all because of the federal "Smart Snacks in School" standard, but one Michigan lawmaker calls this standard "a wonderful idea" taken one step too far.

"One of the major effects that comes about is the fact that they've eliminated or not allowing so to speak bake sales anymore in our school districts," says State Representative Phil Potvin, R-Cadillac.

Representative Potvin has introduced a bill to end the so-called "bake sale ban" at public schools across Michigan.

Right now, most bake sale items aren't allowed to be sold at fundraisers during school hours, because they don't meet those healthy standards.

The representative says without food-based fundraisers, many schools are hurting.

"Bake sales are one of our best fundraising methods," says Rep. Potvin.

The representative says many schools need to be able to sell these items, in order to fund fund everything from extracurricular, and school activities to lesson plans. The benefits don't stop at fundraising.

"What a great way to totally involve the family, involving the family in putting together the item they want to put together," says Rep. Potvin.

Twenty-one other states have created exemptions to the federal rule allowing schools to determine the number of in-school bake sales that are allowed.

"That's really what I'm asking to do, let's be number twenty-two," says Rep. Potvin.

If Michigan doesn't go forward with the exemption, that's where this bill comes into play.

The bill was introduced in the house earlier this week and Representative Potvin says we should see some movement before Spring Break.

There is a similar bill proposed in the state senate that would allow schools to have 3 bake sales per week.

I'm told lawmakers are working together towards a common goal, both bills are being reviewed right now by the education policy committee.

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