Satanic Ceremony Held on Capitol Grounds

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Lansing (WILX) - Supporters of the Satanic Temple gathered at the steps of the Capitol to show what they say is the need for religious freedom.

"We are Satanists we agenda moral, spiritual, and sexual freedom, personal independence, and insist on personal choice in all things" said Jex Blackmore, Director of the Detroit Chapter of The Satanic Temple.

The Temple came from Detroit after being approved to perform the ceremony at the steps of the Capitol. Some locals say they are happy that the groups brings diversity to the capital.

"I feel that there has been an encroachment on the public sphere of maybe one viewpoint." Kay Hunsanger said. "And so I am glad that the many viewpoints people have, have a chance to be displayed too."

While the Temple had a number of supporters. There were several people who were against the ceremony and the groups' display.

"We're a Christian nation, we don't worship the devil. And I just intended to try and maybe talk to them about Jesus because He's the answer" said Floyd McDeavitt.

McDeavitt believes the country has moved so far away from Christianity that there may be no coming back.

"When we get to this state here we've got to do one of two things. We need to have a revival and get back to our Christian roots or we're gonna face judgement" McDeavitt said.

"In the words of Thomas Jefferson, our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions anymore than the opinions of geometry" said Blackmore.

Under the State Capitol Commission guidelines, all displays must be removed each night.