Ride of Silence Remembers Dewitt Resident

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They ride in silence in memory of Jill Byelich.

"Very bright, very determined, always willing to help people... very you know, health conscious," said Jill's husband Jordan Byelich. "She enjoyed biking."

She would ride around DeWitt three or four times a week.

"Jill did pretty much everything she could as bicyclist to make drivers area of her presence," said Byelich. "You know the safety vest, she had the helmet for her own protection, front and back lights."

But last month, her husband found himself at the scene of an accident.

"I see my wife in a ditch and they were trying to perform resuscitation on her and basically that was it," explained Byelich. "I actually had my kids in the truck, and we followed the ambulance all the way to the hospital."

Jill Byelich was biking on the street when she was hit by a car on September 2nd. Cyclists say it's time to stop accidents like this from happening again.

"Hopefully we can get the attention of the legislators both on the state level and on the local levels to pass laws for better cycling and pedestrian facilities," said Mike Unsworth with the Tri-County Bicycle Association.

"There's been a dozen fatalities in Michigan and that's just in the last few years," explained Patrick Harrington. "The percentages are increasing due to distracted driving."

They say it's up to the cyclists and the drivers to be aware.

"If you're going to be a bicyclists, make sure you're visible and predictable," said Tim Potter with Ride of Silence. "Riding where you should be, the right direction."

Byelich says everyone has a right to be on the road.

"It was obviously a heart break, very tragic for me and still is," said Byelich. "It was a very difficult, it continues to be very difficult."

For more information on Ride of Silence, you can visit their website at rideofsilence.org.