Relighting Ceremony Planned for Cascade Falls

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Jackson has found a way to replace some of the aging equipment at one of the city's historic landmarks, without spending a fortune.

The 1,230 incandescent bulbs in the falls at Cascades Park will be replaced with 90 LED rope lights, making for brighter light shows and energy cost-savings.

The $20,000 project, mostly funded by the Jackson County Parks Association, also includes a new computer system and software to control the lights and music.

The existing computer and software program was put into place in the early 1990's. The technology required cassette tapes to change the lights according to cues that were loaded onto the music, but is no longer supported and is nearly impossible to find replacement parts for.

The relighting ceremony is set for Saturday, May 25th. Gates to the falls will open at 6pm, with live music to follow at 7pm. The ceremony starts at 9pm and fireworks will follow at 9:30pm.

Entrance to the falls is $6 per person and kids 10 and under are free. Concessions will also be available on site.

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