Preliminary Findings show Gamrat/Courser Misused Resources

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We haven't seen the House Business Office's report on representatives Courser and Gamrat, but one insider thinks they're gone.

"The initial findings seem to indicate that Rep. Courser and Gamrat did abuse their offices, abuse state resources, and it would seem difficult for the speaker not to take expulsion action," said Susan Demas with Inside Michigan Politics.

The House has voted to create a committee to decide if they should stay in office.

"If there were enough votes in committee, it would go to the full house, and as long as there's a 2/3 majority, the representatives will be removed," explained Demas.

But Republican State Rep. Tom Barrett is asking for both of them to resign now.

"In the case of Representative Courser, I've already said that I would favor expelling him if he didn't resign," said Rep. Barrett.

He's not quite there with Gamrat yet.

"Until I see the further results of the investigation, but I think this is pretty damning evidence, and I think that it points in the direction of rising to the level of expulsion if necessary," said Rep. Barrett.

Both Barrett and Democrat Andy Schor would prefer to be working on something more important when the legislature is back in session after Labor Day.

"When you can't get roads done, and this is taking up a lot of our time and attention, then that's the default," said Rep. Schor.

Depending on results of the report, he thinks criminal charges should be on the table.

"I would hope that it would be turned to the Attorney General or the county prosecutor here in Ingham County where it happened for an investigation," said Schor.

But that will have to wait until the House makes a decision.