Post Office Dedicated to Fallen Officer

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They gather in memory of a young man who died serving his community.

"He always wanted to be a policeman, ever since he was very little," said Marc Bonneau, the officer's dad.

Officer James Bonneau worked at Jackson Police Department for around two years.

"He had a great smile," said Chief Matthew Heins. "He always wanted to do a great job, and he put his best foot forward."

"It's a very great honor for us," said Marc Bonneau. "It's nice that the community is going to remember him this way."

From now on when you walk into the post office in downtown Jackson, you'll be walking into the Officer James Bonneau memorial Post Office, in memory of the 26-year-old who died in the line of duty five years ago.

"I thought a suitable way to do it was to have a post office, a place where people come, they see things as a community service area to be reminded of James Bonneau that he gave his life for this community," said Representative Tim Walberg.

"There's always a concern that Jim's gonna be forgotten and his sacrifices will be forgotten," said Chief Heins. "It really solidifies the fact that its a part of Jackson and people will remember him."

And as people walked in and out of the post office, they did remember.

"It's wonderful that they are giving him that knowledge of what he's been through or what he went through," said Barb Byrum who lives in Jackson. "It will remind people for many years what happened."

Together they remembered what Officer Bonneau did to protect his community.

"He served us," said USPS Detroit District Manager Lee Thompson. "We can serve him every single day by honoring him by having his name adorned in the office."