Plumbers Help Install Filters

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Tony Slatton visits about 15 homes a day, installing filters or changing faucets.

"I'm really concerned about my grand babies, my disabled brother," said Lucia Chapman who had her filter and faucet replaced. "I'm hoping that today will be successful."

She doesn't know how to use the filter, and the faucet she has doesn't work.

"It's kind of hard right now because you know there's so much of my life that I lost," said Chapman. "Now with this water problem, I'm not too happy."

The local plumbers union started going door too door on Thursday, and since then they've helped about a thousand homes.

"It's a little easier for me just cause I've been around it," said Slatton. "I know what I'm doing, what I"m looking for."

He's just one of about 20 plumbers working on the project every day, visiting the elderly or disabled first.

"A lot of our members live here in the community," said Jeff Peake with the union. "We have a responsibility to pay back to the community."

A community grateful for the help they've gotten since the crisis.

"I don't have to worry about if I'm drinking bad water," said Chapman.

Water she says is safer because of the plumbers.

"Everything will be alright because we got people like him," said Chapman.

Some one who's volunteering five to ten minutes at a time to bring something more than clean water to Flint.

"A peace of mind," said Slatton.