Parents Bend the Seat Belt Rules

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Most caregivers know how important seat belts are... but a new study suggests some parents bend the rules for their kids.
Safe kids Worldwide surveyed a thousand parents of children between the ages of 4 and 10.
One in four parents say they don't make their children buckle up every time they are in the car.
More than 60-percent of parents said they'd seen other moms and dads bending the rules... either not making their kids use a seat belt or letting them sit in the front seat.
Safety experts remind parents that kids need to be in car seats or booster seats until they can fit well in a seat belt.
You want to make sure their backs and bottoms are against the seat, and that their knees can bend easily over the front part of the car seat.
According to Kate carr - President, Safe Kids Worldwide: "at that point, the seat belt, the lap belt will ride across their upper thighs where their hip bones can support them in the event of a crash, and the shoulder belt can ride across their shoulder and chest and not across their neck or their face."
Safekids.Org has more information on the proper fit of seats... plus a list of car seat check-up events.

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