New BBQ Restaurant Opens in Reo Town

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Barbecue lovers now have a new joint to check out.

Saddleback BBQ opened up in Lansing's Reo Town Tuesday.

All of its meats will be cooked on its reverse-flow smoker nicknamed The Beast. It will use all kinds of woods ranging from hickory and mesquite to fruit-tree woods like apple and cherry.

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero says places like this are vital to Reo Town's revitalization.

"Having good places to eat is important, it will bring people out, bring people down here," said Bernero. "They'll see the changing face of Reo Town. There's a lot of construction going on here, there's redevelopment taking place, LEAP was a part of our overall economic development efforts. We're trying to encourage it."

Saddleback BBQ is also available for catering graduation parties, weddings or corporate events.

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