Mom Files Suit Against Lansing Schools

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The Lansing School District fired Lester Duvall in January a little more than two months after he was accused of hurting a 12-year-old student with autism.

The boy's mother, Jennifer Garza, explained, "Christian was pulled out of an aisle of desks, picked up, thrown into an old wood teacher's desk, my son kicked him a few times and then he was picked up again and thrown opposite the direction into the bookshelf so hard that his head broke the bookshelf."

Garza told News Ten she found out about the assault from a note Gardner Middle School sent home with her son.

"I really hadn't even gotten a lot much more information until the Lansing Police Department got involved and it was the detective that informed me to what extent the trauma really was," Garza said.

She was even more outraged when Duvall's 4th degree child abuse charged was reduced to disorder person - jostling. And, he was allowed to pay a $300 fine.

"There has been over a decade of documented incidents with the school district that they did nothing about and that itself is outraging," Garza added.

Her lawyers said they uncovered those incidents when they used the Freedom of Information Act to get written statements dating back to 2003 from the Lansing School District.

"It's absurd. I don't know how it happened," Garza's attorney, Megan Bonnani, said. "For an individual with such a rich history of documented abuse ... It's not even a slap, less than a slap."

The lawsuit lists several incidents including accusations that Duvall slapped kids, belted them to chairs and even forced a student's head underwater.

Garza hopes some change will come out of this.

"We have like centralized criminal sexual conduct registry, but yet we don't have something similar for teachers or other similarly employed individuals that if they have aggression or other types of things going on that they can be in some sort of database," she said.

She said something like that will ensure nothing like this happens again.

The Lansing School District would not comment on the case when we asked about it.

We'll let you know if the lawsuit goes to trial.