MSU students question campus safety

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East Lansing, Mich. (WILX) - There have been two assaults and an armed robbery on Michigan State's campus just this week.

Between 11 o'clock and midnight Friday, April,15. A female student told MSU police she was sexually assaulted at Phillips Hall.

The student says four men approached her, started a conversation then one of them assaulted her.

The suspect is described as a college age male, 5 ft. 7 in. tall. He weighs about 160 to 170 with dark brown hair.

Marking the second assault within a week.

Last week MSU police reported that a student was physically assaulted while walking behind the I.M. Circle on the river trail.

"It is scary especially if another one happens too then I think like maybe something more like something needs to happen" said freshman Libby Page.

She and her friend, Lia Disser, both say they feel safe on campus but they're concerned.

"Bad things happen everywhere," Disser said. "There are like 60,000 people here. I mean not everything is going to be perfect."

But MSU police is trying to make things better. There are hundreds of green light telephones across campus that students can use if they feel like they're in danger.

"I think it's scary but I think it happens every where and so it's like I'm a little worried about it but I feel like the campus is really safe. I'm not that worried," Mya Ross said.

But she still thinks while on campus, "something could happen. Or like even during the day if you're by yourself stuff could happen" Ross said.

So she's changed her routine.

"I don't usually walk up with my phone, like I'm looking at it. I keep my music down low so I can still hear things" said Ross. "You can't prevent it too much but it helps I think."