MSU pulls 1900's Oldsmobile From Spartan Stadium

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Spartan Stadium is usually noted for touchdowns and football glory, but Tuesday it was a historical treasure getting all the attention.

A 1903 Oldsmobile, in storage for years there, finally saw the light.

"It has this tremendous history," James Perkins, Board President of Lansing's R.E. Olds Transportation Museum said. "It couldn't have better lineage than to be owned by the inventor and the founder of oldsmobile, R.E. Olds."

In fact, the curved dash Oldsmobile was the last car Olds ever built.

"It's a 1903 give or take a few parts here and there, but he put it together in about 1947 specifically to donate it to the University," Val Berryman, Curator of History with MSU's museum explained.

MSU displayed the Olds at its museum for more than 50 years, but retired the car when exhibits changed.

Tuesday, after more than a decade, the vehicle made a careful crawl to a new home, Lansing's R.E. Olds Transportation Museum.

"The idea of having a car so closely associated with R.E. Olds is a thrill and we'll be able to show every visitor to the museum this car in its original state, so all of that adds up to a perfect display," Perkins said.

The car hasn't had a passenger since Olds himself in 1949, says Perkins. University and museum staff were unsure of its internal condition so they did not turn it on, instead opting to roll and inch the vehicle to a waiting trailer.

"It was a little scary but it made the trip beautifully," Berryman said with relief.

The curved dash then moved to the museum in caravan with a few other classic cars. It will join 55 other vehicles at the museum.

Staff members are now designing a new display to highlight it specifically.

The car is on loan from Michigan State University. Visitors will be able to view it at the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum starting Wednesday.

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