Local Dad Invents New Pizza Divider

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Bath Township, MI Parents of picky eaters rejoice! A Bath Township dad says his new invention will get the pizza in the oven faster, and cut down on those dinner time arguments.

Blake Pierman created "Your Slyce," a pizza personalization tool, because he has picky eaters at home.

Pierman was at a pizza joint with his now 7th grade daughter Brooke and her soccer team, and no one could agree on toppings.

"I'm like 'I'm going to go home, I'm going to figure something out,' so that's what I did," says Pierman.

After some hard work, Your Slyce was born. It's a flexible, silicone ring that you lay on top of pizza.

It divides the pizza into 8 sections, allowing your family to put different toppings on each slice.

"Storage is easy, I mean any drawer you can literally wad it up and throw it in a drawer," says Pierman.

So if younger daughter Brianna wants Hawaiian and Brooke wants a variety, it's no problem.

Your Slyce has come in handy for a weekday dinner, and even when friends are over.

"When we have sleepovers it's easy to use and it keeps us from having to go out to eat," says Brooke.

Now, the father of two's invention is available on the Toys"R"Us website and on Amazon.

"It's been awesome, we are right on the cusp of something big, so we are just going to basically keep the train on the tracks," says Pierman.

For a local dad, it's tool that's handy in the kitchen and set to satisfy everyone's taste buds.

Your Slyce costs anywhere from $16.99 to $19.99 and comes in different colors.

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