Lansing Man Publishes 2010 City Employee Salaries Online

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Tammy Good was a little surprised when she found what she made last year posted online.

Good works as an administrative specialist for the City of Lansing's Finance Department.

Her salary and the salaries of every other city employee were posted on the website Steve Harry Public Policy in a massive list (

She knows that the information could be made public, she just never thought anyone would make it public.

"I was a little shocked," said Good. "I don't know what the word I'm looking for is... Not violated, but, yeah, kind of violated."

"I think if you're a city employee you should expect that the people you work for should know what you make," said Steve Harry, a retiree and former state employee who published the information.

He originally requested it in a Freedom of Information Act request in April. Harry says the City of Lansing charged him $719 to get access to the list.

The numbers provided include each employee's 2010 wages, overtime pay, department, hourly rate, hiring date and bargaining unit. Although police officers are listed, undercover officers are simply identified as "Police Officer".

According to the salary information posted, Mayor Virg Bernero was the fourth highest paid employee in the city in 2010 at a little more than $101,000. Bernero ranked behind City Attorney Brig Smith (a little less than $115,000), the mayor's executive assistant Gerry Ambrose (a little less than $112,000) and former City Parks director Murdock Jemerson ($108,600).

Harry says he hopes the information will be useful to anyone running for City Council and the general public.

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