Keeping Students Safe on MSU Campus after Central Incident

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EAST LANSING (WILX)- What kinds of things do colleges have in place to keep their students safe? We ask that question after a student at Central Michigan University was kidnapped, raped and almost killed after leaving a basketball game this week.

Students were shocked to hear about what happened at CMU, but feel pretty safe while on MSU's campus. Many of them rely on the university's "text message alert system" to notify them of any danger in addition to other resources.

Freshman Jacob Moore says he hasn't been getting any text message alerts so he relies on another form of communication when there's danger on campus, his mother.

"Usually my parents are texting me or telling me whats happening," said Moore.

MSU officer Steve Beard says everyone registered for classes should be on the text alert list., but during a situation they will use multiple ways of communication to ensure all students are notified.

"Once there is an incident we send out a text messages, phone calls, and email notifications, to all faculty staff and students alerting them," said Beard.

"I do get the alerts when anything goes on, right away." said MSU student Nicole Holton.

MSU like Central, also has a speaker system in place to notify students out walking on campus.

"We do have a speaker system set up all along our footpaths and across campus. Also in residence halls," said Beard.

But when it comes to walking home at night students say the buddy system is the way to go, no matter how safe they feel the university is.

"I would not walk home alone at night anywhere. I feel this day and age any woman or man should have someone if they walk at night," said Holton.

And if worst comes to worst there are more than 140 of "Green Light Emergency Phones" scattered across campus for students to use if they need police assistance right away,

"It puts us at ease to know that we can get the message quickly," said Beard.

Police patrol of the Breslin Center for home games will go on as usual. Officer Beard did say that they will have officers watching the parking lot after the game to make sure everyone get to their vehicle safe.

Police in Isabella County believe Wednesday night's incident was random. The student told police that the suspect, Eric Ramsey said he took her because she was alone and there was no one around.

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