Jackson Pastor Chosen to Pray Over Congress

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Pastor Hampton has been praying over his congregation at the "Church of God" church in Jackson since 1968, but Thursday he will be praying over another body- the United States Congress.

"We've had some glorious victories and maybe some devastating defeats, but we have survived and we have prospered, and now we are flourishing," said Pastor Frank Hampton Jr.

And flourishing he is. Pastor Hampton will read an original 150 word prayer to Congress. He says he was given strict guidelines for what he can and cannot say, but he still wants those who make important decisions for the country to hear his message.

"We are cumbered with so many critical decisions that could take us either way, and to endorse something here, knowingly or inadvertently, that's detrimental to us, we'll have to suffer the consequences of our own behavior," said Pastor Hampton.

Repetitive Tim Walberg visited the Church of God about six months ago, and was so impressed that he nominated Pastor Hampton to open Congress in prayer. Hampton's parishioners say they are not surprised he was selected.

"I can't think of anyone who would take this journey and represent what God would have, other than the pastor," said Damian Goodwin, a parishioner.

Hampton will be joined by his proud family and members of his congregation, as he travels to Washington, D.C.