Illegal Pot Shops Still Open in Lansing

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"We've been waiting for the government to decide what the rules are," said Tim Jenkins, General Manger of Star Budz medical marijuana dispensary in Lansing.

He says he's trying to do everything right. Star Budz is one of about a dozen dispensaries that have opened up in Lansing in the past few months.

But according to the state, his shop is illegal.

Last year the Supreme Court of Michigan ruled patients can only get medical marijuana from a licensed care giver, or grow it themselves.

But in Lansing there's a city ordinance from 2011 saying dispensaries are legal if the owner has a license.

Jenkins says he's done everything he can to find and apply for a license for his shop, but he says there's no clear way on how to do it. And the local government is still trying to figure it out.

City council members don't understand why illegal shops are being allowed to operate.

"I think our city attorney should send out a cease and desist order to each and every one of these establishments," said Jody Washington, Lansing city councilwoman. "And if they want to reopen, they must reopen by following the proper procedures by being licensed."

The mayor told News 10 the city ordinance can't trump the supreme court ruling.

"Our old ordinance is not ideal, it's a little cumbersome," Mayor Virg Bernero said. "But we're doing the best we can with it. And I'm hopeful that soon we'll be able to have a new regulation in accordance with the law that's gonna make things a little more clear."

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