Hype Surrounds Batman v Superman Movie Scene Shoot

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While the actors, extras and even the Michigan Film Office are being tight-lipped about the movie, that's not stopping students from trying to get a peek at what's going on.

"Affleck watch you know you gotta constantly walk around, try and peek your head in - see what you can see," said MSU grad student, David Johnson.

Fellow grad student, Cait Listro added, "Oh yeah I know a lot of people who have been basically stalking the perimeter to see a sight of anything."

Which might be unlikely, but they're thrilled to even have the opportunity.

"It's pretty cool. I've never been this close to a filming before," Listro said.

MSU senior, Jamila Carver, agreed, "It's really nice to have that, especially to watch the movie once it's done like oh yeah I lived there, I walked there. That's like my school."

That's what students are really excited about - the idea of seeing their campus on the big screen.

"It'll be really cool to see the finished product because I'm kind of wondering what exactly we're gonna see, how much they're gonna change it. Will we even recognize it?...I'm wondering how often we're gonna see it and whether it's gonna be sort of an establishing shot and then we never see it again or a recurring sort of building in the movie because that would be honestly even cooler," Johnson said.

Because the building hasn't had the best reputation since it was built.

"A lot of people absolutely hated it, so it's kind of cool that it's getting some publicity...it's getting a little more credit other than just being that ugly building that people point at," Listro explained.

"The building is beautiful. It's a really nice building that we have here now, so just that - the whole design of the building seems like it would be a good part of the movie," Carver added.

Filming begins tonight. Roads around the Broad, including Grand River Avenue, will have some restrictions until early Saturday morning.