Governor Of North Carolina Signs Controversial Transgender Bathroom Bill

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North Carolina's Governor signs a controversial bill into law opposing transgender bathrooms. The law is a blow to the LGBTQ Movement.

Democrats left the senate chamber before the vote was even taken last night. Sen. Dan Blue a Democrat said they would not take part, saying it reverses 40 plus years of progress ending discrimination in North Carolina.

The Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act is a reaction to decision made by the city council in Charlotte. It allowed transgender people to use public restrooms based on their gender identity.

Senator Phil Berger a Republican says "The adoption of the ordinance by the city council was just crazy." Republicans say that ordinance violates religious freedom and puts women and children in danger. Berger: "Allows grown men to share bathrooms and locker facilities with girls and women."

This new bill requires people to use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificate.

But Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue says it does more than that.
Gays and lesbians are excluded from discrimination protections.
He says it also eliminating recourse for anyone fired from their job based on race, religion, color, age or handicap. Blue: "These are some of the things that these local ordinances that are being repealed, protect."

Skye Thomson is a transgender teen in a North Carolina High School. He says the bill will affect him directly, every day in the halls.
"People are going to freak out, because I look like a guy. They are going to be like, why is there a boy in here and they are going to cause a scene like they did when I was younger."

Civil Liberties Groups are vowing to push for a repeal of the law. They are also weighing legal options. A rally is planned for tonight.

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