Fun Run Brings Color to Downtown Lansing

Participants began the happiest 5K around in white. And, throughout the course, organizers threw different colors on them.

About 9,000 people took park in the fun run. They started at the Capitol Building and crossed the finish line at Adado Riverfront Park.

Kelleigh Gustafson, runs the charity Kelleigh's Cause. She was overwhelmed by the turnout. "It's amazing. I can't believe I have this many people behind me and supporting what I do."

The money raised goes to Kelleigh's Cause, an organization that raises awareness about Arteriovenous Malformations or AVM. Kelleigh's also partnering with Sparrow Children's Center.

"The doctors there have actually saved my life a couple times, so this is just my way of paying back and saying thank you," Kelleigh said.

Dr. Stephen Guertin, Medical Director for the Sparrow Children's Center, says Kelleigh's gesture will go a long way.

"It's wonderful. It's wonderful to be validated that way. But more importantly, we can't take care of the kids of this area without our community's help, and so Kelleigh is providing that kind of help. It's amazing!"

The charity's goal is to raise $150,000 for a new drug therapy to treat AVM.

Kelleigh's Cause also worked with Governor Snyder to declare July 14th-21st AVM Awareness Week in the state of Michigan. The hope is to continue to raise awareness and funds to make research possible. Nearly 300,000 Americans are affected by the rare disease.