Free Sex Abuse Therapy for Kids

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Lansing, MI - Statistics show one in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18.

Local non-profits are now teaming up to help survivors of sexual abuse by offering free therapy for kids age 3 to 17 starting this month.

They are calling child sexual abuse an epidemic and say it's essential to help children overcome it.

Many of the victims of sexual trauma are among the 25% in the state living in poverty.

That's why St. Vincent Catholic Charities is pairing up with the Firecracker Foundation to offer free therapy sessions to children who have survived sexual abuse in Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties.

Most of these families don't have health care or access to mental health services. Therapy sessions for kids will be free as long as funds are available. Sessions are funded by donation - so the goal is to provide free services year round.

There are currently 7 Firecracker kids who, as therapists say, learn how to trust again and deal with a lot of emotions in these counseling sessions.

"A lot of what we are doing especially with children is letting them explore, is letting them get comfortable," says therapist Megan Spedoske. "A lot of what they have experienced has challenged their trust, has challenged everything they have known about themselves...and that first session is really, really important to not only connect with the child but also to connect with the family."

There is room for more kids in this program.

Therapists tell me 90% of kids know their abuser well. So they say believe your child if they tell you something. Therapists also say less than 1% of cases are falsely reported.

If your child is looking for help, call either organization for these completely free services in February. Contact St. Vincent Catholic Charities at (517) 323-4734 or visit or call the Firecracker Foundation at (517)242-5467 or visit

Use the same contact information above if you would like to donate to either organization.

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