Flint Residents Have To Keep Paying Water Bills

People living in Flint are furious they have to pay for water that isn't safe to drink.

A judge ruled this week city residents must keep paying their bills.

Last year the city tried to save money by switching its supply from Detroit's water system to the nearby Flint River.

The city claimed it met safety standards, but tests later showed corrosive river water was drawing lead from old pipes.

Many people say they use the water only for bathing.

"We have to take our showers in this stuff, ya know, and we itch after that," says Bill McCluskey. "We have to buy water. It's not fair."

Tonya Calhoun agrees.

"Why am I paying you $311 for some water that I can't even use... can't cook with it and I can't do anything with it, and the funny part is, you know it's harmful."

Federal investigators are now on the case.

Governor Snyder has declared a state of emergency.

Flint says money generated from water bills helps keep it financially stable. People who don't pay will have their water shut off.