Flint Officially Switches Back to Detroit Water System

Source: MGN

FLINT, Mich. (AP) -- Flint officials say they have reconnected to Detroit's water system as they work to resolve a health emergency spurred by switching to Flint River water.

The city announced Friday that Detroit water will be introduced through the evening. Complete replacement will happen in about three weeks.

Officials say Detroit water contains corrosion control agents to hinder the release of lead from old pipes. The state corroborated findings of elevated lead levels in children and disclosed higher lead amounts in three Flint schools.

The city stopped getting water from Detroit last year to cut costs and used river water.

Federal environmental officials said earlier Friday they established a task force to help Flint with its water woes. On Thursday, Republican Gov. Rick Snyder approved $9.3 million in water-related aid.

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