Family continues search for missing local Air Force Veteran

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Pleasant Lake, Jackson Co., MI - The type of person you can count on: that's Air Force veteran Mike Vanzandt.

"If anyone could survive anything, he could survive it," says Mike's mother Robyn Gretz.

He's not the sort of person you would expect to vanish.

After more than a decade in the Air Force, including two tours in Iraq, the Jackson Northwest graduate settled in California and made a life for his family.

Then, the unimaginable happened.

"It's in my head all day, everyday," says Gretz.

It was March 5, 2016 when the 36-year-old dad of three went out for a night with friends in Hermosa Beach.

He left the bar, and seemingly disappeared.

Hermosa Beach Police tell me there is surveillance video of Vanzandt walking into a parking lot toward the beach around 11:30 p.m., that's the last time Vanzandt is seen on video.

It was dark out, so none of the cameras in the area picked him up after that.

His family is left looking for answers, particularly because they say Vanzandt's car and personal belongings were left untouched, and his cell phone is dead.

When Vandant's mom and step dad of 20 years got the call in Jackson County that he was missing, they were shocked.

"I didn't know how to react, I mean, people don't go through this," says Gretz.

The family is on a mission to find the hometown hero, but the trail has gone cold.

"Our hope is that, that he's alive of course, you know," says Mike's mom, "but, either way, we need some closure and the kids need closure."

The family is selling bracelets, and posting about Mike on Facebook, hoping someone comes forward with a tip about that night, over one month ago.

"Something new to help us," says stepfather Keith Gretz.

It's all an effort to bring a missing hero home.

Hermosa Beach Police tell me they are looking for anyone with reliable information from that night to get in contact. Click on the link in this story for information on how to do that.

The family is reaching out nationwide. You can purchase the "Find Mike Vanzandt" bracelets and more.

Click on the links in this story for information on the bracelets and how to join the "Find Mike" community.

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