Family Friend: 'Shocked But Not Surprised' by Murder Suicide

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Three people are dead in what Lansing police are calling a double murder-suicide that happened Thursday night in the 700 block of Saginaw Hwy. in Lansing.

Lansing police identified the individuals involved as Randy Keith, 53, Christine Keith, 37, and Isaac Miller, 14.

Randy Keith shot both victims before taking his own life a short time later, according to police.

"It seems surreal, you just don't think this is going to happen to someone that you know who is a wonderful human being and contributes so much to the world," said Melissa Quon Huber, a family friend of Christine.

Christine was a mother of four who was heavily involved in her community, according to Huber. She taught Zumba classes across the city in East Lansing and she was also the subject of a story on WILX in October about the impending cuts to the state's food stamp program.

WILX's Josh Sidorowicz spoke with Christine about her blog 'Adventures of a Thrifty Mama...' and how she was working to feed her family on a tight budget using only fresh, homemade ingredients.

Family friends who knew Christine and her family say they knew she had dealt with domestic abuse in the past and dreaded something like this would ultimately happen.

"I was shocked but not surprised," said Cheryl Overley. "It's part of the cycle of violence."

Court records show Christine took out a personal protection order against Randy in April of 2013, though it was later lifted in July.

Overley knew the Keith family through the local homeschooling community and their church. She said she hopes their loss will start a dialogue about domestic violence and what can be done to stop it.

"People need to remove the stigma," Overley said. "For people who see this and are moved by the story of people who died before their time... I hope they learn about (domestic violence) and start discussions."

Huber said their church will be bringing in grief counselors and will be starting a fund to help Christine's three surviving children as their entire community tries to move forward and cope.

"There was always that possibility when you have someone in your past who has a tendency to be jealous or vindictive," Huber said. "It can happen to smart women, rich women, poor women, it doesn't take anything to be a victim of domestic violence."

We're told Christine's three remaining children are staying with their grandparents.

The family's church, Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing has set up a memorial fund for the children which can be donated to by following the link to the right.

Christine Keith during an interview with WILX in October 2013 for a story about food stamp cuts.
Christine Keith
"Full of energy, and laughs and smiles and she loved to dance and loved to just enjoy life," said Melissa Quon Huber, a family friend.
Christine and her 14-year-old son, Isaac, were killed in their home on the 700 block of Saginaw Hwy. in Lansing Thursday night. Randy Keith, Christine's ex-husband shot the two and then took his own life.

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